<- Anna Samoylova

Born in 1995, she currently lives and works in Moscow. Graduate of the Moscow Academic Art School of 1905 (2017) and the British Higher School of Art and Design (2020).

In search of national identity, Anna Samoylova explores the culture of the Russian countryside, everyday life, customs and costumes, interpreting them in her works. An important place in Anna's work is occupied by the figure of the Russian woman - analyzing her place in society now and "then", the artist raises existential questions of women's fears, desires and struggle for their rights.


Personal exhibitions
2022 - "Nemoloko", MMOMA, Moscow
2021 - "Where to Put Maiden's Will?", Archetype Auditorium, Moscow
2020 - "Mokosh", Betweenwindows Gallery, Moscow
2019 - "Zanzibar", Betweenwindows Gallery, Moscow

Group exhibitions
2021 - "Space/space", Fermentation Room, VINZAVOD, Moscow
2021 - "Working Area: Untitled", Azot gallery, Moscow
2021 - "You Are Not Alone", Lazy Mike Gallery, Moscow
2020 - "Tryn Grass", ROSIZO, Moscow
2020 - "Another Life", Pereslavl-Zalessky Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve
2020 - "Emptiness", The GirlGirlGirl gallery, EverArt Weekend, Moscow
2019 - "Look at Yourself", Azot Gallery, Cube, Moscow



Object "Bandage"


Object "Kichka with hornes"


Object "Kokoshnik of Kostroma" (left)