Artist talk "Circles on Water"

18 May 2022 Art Design Human Studio

We would love to invite you to the artist talk "Circles on Water" by Milena Strelkova and Yan Tikhonenko at ADH Studio on May 18 at 19:00.

Both authors address the theme of ecology in their works and explore the relationship between the diversity of material objects and the environment. The techniques in which the artists work are attempts to invent a mythology relevant to our time, the main marker of which is the impending ecological catastrophe. Like circles diverging on water, the familiar world is dissolving, undergoing constant transformation. Art in this situation seeks new supports in materiality, inventing its own ways of interaction with the environment and space.

Milena Strelkova is an artist from Moscow. She is currently studying for her master's degree at the department of "artistic metalwork" at the Stieglitz Academy in St. Petersburg. In her works the artist touches upon the relationship between nature and man, the influence and dependence of one on the other, where the statement of the question of good and evil takes on a double meaning. Milena works with installation, sculpture, graphics, video. She uses glass, metal and other media as tools in her artistic practice.

Yan Tikhonenko received a degree in architecture. He has been engaged in art since 2017. He works in two main directions: abstraction and landscapes. The artist creates abstract paintings and objects in mixed technique, using earth, sand, clay, rusted iron. Currently lives and works in Moscow.

The number of seats is limited - please confirm your attendance.

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