Insidelence 1.0
Kirill Basalaev


H 180 x W 180 cm

сoncrete on canvas, acrylic paint, spray

Kirill Basalaev explains his new series of work “Insidelence” which he started while being in lockdown in Moscow in this spring.

“Not so long ago I found myself in a strange state – an unresponsive nostalgic void. It was similar to a feeling of forgetting something very important that vanished and would not return, but left only a fading memory of it, the void. I have combined the two English words “inside” and “silence” and given it a new name; I called this new state “insidelence”. This has become the theme for my new body of work. It is hard, scary and very interesting time at the moment. We are observing the last breaths and cries of the 20th century; it has stayed with us for 20 more years. However, its rules are no longer valid.”