Solo exhibition by Margo Trushina 'Body Temple'

London Cult: «Transience of Fate», a new exhibition by ADH Gallery where the momentous meets the constant

Group exhibition 'Transience of Fate’

In collaboration with Feelium Gallery & Studios

Solo exhibition by Lana Locke 'What Grows In The Hollows’

the Chapel of the West Brompton Cemetery

London Cult: Lana Locke. Brompton Chapel exhibition “What Grows in the Hollows”

Artist tour by Lana Locke for her solo exhibition "What Grows in the Hollows". 30 March 2024, 12:00 pm

London, West Brompton

Joseph Grahame: I want the art to feel honest

Open call – Looking for young artists


Nature is the Law: Morphing Sensitivity. Joseph Grahame

Online exhibition


6 Drayson Mews, W8 4LY, London

London Cult: Borderline, part 2. Can I Steal Your Body? Trilogy

In the heart of Kensington, London, Irakli Zaria has brought together two houses to create an elegant and contemporary space, where art takes pride of place


London, Notting Hill

Secret Garden 'Vivaio'

Art Design Human Studio

Artist talk "From bodily fusions to united consciousness"

London, Notting Hill

On top of the crystal mountain

Excelsior studios, London

Cosmoscow art fair

Gostiny Dvor, Moscow

blazar fair

Museum of Moscow, Moscow

Artist's studio visit Ustina Yakovleva


Art tour with Milena Strelkova

St. Petersburg

In the hands of time • Daniil Antropov


Artist talk "Circles on Water"

Art Design Human Studio

How the theme of pregnancy and childbirth permeates the Russian art scene

ADH Studio: young art and cultural connections

Artist talk Alena Mukhina and Anna Samoylova

Art Design Human Studio

Solo exhibition by Alena Mukhina "There's a reason I'm here"

Art Design Human Studio

Artist talk "Planet B: Art and Nature"

Art Design Human Studio

In/ex February 2022

Where to go this weekend: 9 events with love

Design mate x ADH Studio: "The global power of an art gallery lies in the creation of meaning"

Yan Tikhonenko on the power of architectural education and his creative path

Milena Strelkova: "More and more artists are emerging now who are talking about environmental issues, it's an important indicator of what's worrying society today and a great opportunity to be heard and to encourage people to take action"

INTERIOR+DESIGN: "New sensuality" at Art Design Human Studio

November: where to go on the weekend

IN/EX magazine: Exhibition at Art Design Human Studio

Elle Decoration: Exhibition of artists Ustina Yakovleva and Daniil Antropov

Design mate: New exhibition "WHEN SHADES OVERLAP"

Lecture by Marina Shirskaya "Timeless and universal modern artistic glass"

St. Petersburg, st. Bolshaya Posadskaya, 12

When shades overlap

Art Design Human Studio

The water seemed smooth

Art Design Human Studio

Walking to other worlds, blazar fair

Museum of Moscow

Collaboration with Vadim Maltsev bureau in St.Petersturg

The Calvert Journal: Clay, chaos and urban detritus merge in Daniil Andropov’s ceramic sculptures

Shapes of comfort

Wehrmühle Biesenthal

Castles in the air — International group show

Art Design Human Studio

Interview: Artists about their works for exhibition "Castles in the Air"

Solo exhibition by Ivan Belyayev "Transparency. New Dilution»

Art Design Human Studio

Essay by ceramic artist Ivan Belyaev

Masha Kolosovskaya: about her perfect day and working with ceramics

In the hands of time • Kirill Basalaev


1artchannel: Aljoscha – art person of the month (May, 2021)

INTERIOR+DESIGN: ADH artworks in interior project by Aiya Design

Vases by Maria Kolosovskaya in interior project by Irakli Zaria

Above Art x Ivan Belyaev

Four Rooms


The Second Russian Competition-Biennale of Object Design «Invented and Made in Russia»

All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Moscow

Vedomosti: The power of art in the fight against COVID-19

blazar fair: the choice of designer Ilya Gulyants

Yulia Batyrova: "Ability to collect an object from a thousand elementary parts fascinates me"

Inside you, blazar fair

Museum of Moscow, Moscow

Alena Muhina: "Texture inspires me a lot, it is very tactile"

Ivan Belyaev: "Frankly, I am keen on studying meanings"

Vogue: what is blazar?

Kirill Basalaev: Tomsk, irony and quarantine

Performance by Ivan Belyaev • Meaningless beauty. Questions of the way


Nikolay Morgunov: "I start feeling constrained by the flat surface of a canvas"

Q&A: Natalia Grezina. Spot on the ceiling and mystic thriller

Film screening "Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet"

Cafe Bla_nc

Faces of Time

R-Broker Workshop, Moscow