Object 7 from series "Nature"
Milena Strelkova


H 50 x L 60 x W 30 cm

crystal, copper

Pâte de verre technique

Life has existed on Earth for over three and a half billion years. During this time, organisms have evolved, multiplied and died. The emergence of new species has often been facilitated by the mass extinction of previous ones. Today, the loss of species is being caused by direct and indirect human action. It destroys animal habitats, pollutes the planet, and creates aggressive species that negatively affect the surrounding flora and fauna. If the extinction of rare and endangered animal species is not stopped and the loss of species grows, it will lead to disaster.

The Nature series of objects represents a new world, a new life emerging from the ashes. A world born out of catastrophe. The new form of life creates a sense of unease that allows us to reflect on the actions we take today and the world they will lead us to tomorrow.