Cosmoscow art fair

15 - 17 September, 2022 Gostiny Dvor, Moscow

Co-curated by  Anzhela Popova , Tatiana Antonova

ADH Studio's booth in the Design section reflects the concept and mission of the gallery - building cultural connections and dialogue between artists and designers, and creating a space for their free interaction. The exhibit is structured as a dialogue between contemporary art and collectible design, and is presented in an international format.

Jazz improvisations served as inspiration for the abstract canvases of the British artist Joseph Grahamе, created in the patchwork technique.  His large-scale painting “Two Directions at Once” is a search for balance in both art and life. The installation “Red Meteors” by the recognised designers Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg from Wales refers to unexplored worlds and cosmic spaces, and the exquisite glass vessels called “Moscow” and “St.Petersburg” are a kind of omens to the two main cities of Russia.

This dialogue continues in the furniture collection of Vadim Maltsev. St. Petersburg designer develops unique items at the intersection of design and art. The exhibit features the Vespertilio console, whose bionic forms are inspired by the work of Richard Serra, and the idea for the plastic floor lamp in the L'osselet collection explores the global question of existentialism, heritage and its reading. A pair of armchairs K-21 are created as an experiment of merging European design and Eastern philosophy, and the MOZHAISKIY shelf is inspired by the construction of the first airplanes. The furniture pieces are manufactured in the modern production of the company MainPro, which produces not only carpentry interior solutions of any complexity, but also non-standard furniture pieces with attention to material and detail.

Sculptures, mirrors and a coffee table by the ceramist Daniil Antropov complete the exhibition. The young author has been developing his own individual method that combines traditional ceramics with modern industrial textures. In his work, the sculptor explores unconventional methods of shaping, using construction nets, rods and foam rubber found in industrial areas of the metropolis.

Designers & Artists

Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg

Joseph Grahame

Daniil Antropov

Vadim Maltsev