Shapes of comfort

17th July — 8th August 2021 Wehrmühle Biesenthal

When the space in between stretches hollow, how can we fill the void?

The pursuit of comfort gently guides us back to regeneration’s primordial source: the natural world. If comfort insulates from emptiness, paves the way for renewal, nature is comfort’s foremost wellspring. In nature, as with art, sensation comes to the fore. Its embrace quietens the void’s silence. In this stillness, elemental impulses initiate anew, creating space for connection and healing.

Tethered to the earth, the practice of ceramics is a vessel for nature’s comfort; transmitting energy from the ground into the artist’s hands, relinquishing its matter to their whim. Imbued with intuition, natural matter finds new form; receiving the imprint of its sculptor’s expression, an invitation.

As witnesses to the meditative act of creation, to time’s uneven passage, ceramics, and their contours embody not only physical comfort, but spiritual courage: a quiet reminder that without enduring the void’s passage, there can be no emergence; no reconnection.

Yasmin Bawa
Margaret Rae Flatley
Iva Drekalovic
Davide Monad
Anastasia Pilepchuk
Yulia Batyrova
Ivan Belyayev
Alena Muhina

Tjioe Meyer Hecken
Jakub Kubica
Elizaveta Petrova
Popova Anzhela
Tatiana Antonova