Solo exhibition by Lana Locke 'What Grows In The Hollows’

March 29th to April 1st, 2024 the Chapel of the West Brompton Cemetery

ADH Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition featuring the works of Lana Locke, a distinguished British artist and sculptor. Titled "What Grows in the Hollows," this exhibition delves into Lana's fascination with the concept of the 'feral', portraying it as a form of existence that is both unconventional and displaced, as she transforms the chapel into a space where objects are suspended in time.

In her attempt to capture fleeting moments, the artist constructs a sculptural garden teeming with flowers and plants. Echoing the statues and wild plants of the outside cemetery, her sculptures weave playfully between the pillars of the central space, reaching upwards to the domed ceiling.

This garden serves as a fusion of botanical elements, where the artist employs various mediums to encapsulate the essence of temporal preservation, transitioning from wax to metal and ceramics.

Are these creations frozen in time, or are they adrift within its currents? What happens in that singular moment when the transformation from the present to the eternal is complete? As we strive to capture the essence of our times, we often preserve objects as tokens of specific moments, which subsequently evolve into manifestations of memory—fragments that gradually fade and blend with time, leaving behind the object itself, suspended in a realm between past and present. These objects bear witness to their own evolution, retaining their original forms yet profoundly altered by their newfound existence.

Locke is interested in exploring the vulnerability of human and non-human life, and our collective entanglement with the wider ecology. Her sculptures crystallise the fleeting lives of flowers and other plants, as a metaphor for our own mortality, and our wider environmental responsibility.