Walking to other worlds, blazar fair

8th — 12th September 2021 Museum of Moscow

Co-curated by  Anzhela Popova , Tatiana Antonova

The exhibition "Walking into Other Worlds" invites the viewer to go beyond the symbolic habit of considering humans as exceptional species of creation, it is an attempt by artists to think along with Nature.

The logic of the living spaces reveals to us unexpected properties of the world beyond the human mind. An exploration of the properties of form as a conceptual tool, allows us to discern some specific properties of life and discover thoughts that are not self-contained.

In order to interact with the world of Nature on its terms, to penetrate its logic of relations, one has to be sensitive to its inherent patterns. Ustina Yakovleva in her works explores unique properties of different semiotic modalities and their mutual intertwining. Jan Tikhonenko examines the living dynamics of natural processes and their materiality. Yulia Batyrova and Marat Mukhametov create new organic forms and explore processes of rebirth and regeneration.


Yulia Batyrova & Marat Mukhametov
Ustina Yakovleva
Yan Tikhonenko