Art tour with Milena Strelkova

17 June 2022 St. Petersburg

On June 17, artist Milena Strelkova and ADH Studio invite you to St. Petersburg. 

Together with Milena we will bring our guests to usually non-public artists' workshops, we will also have a private tour at the museum of St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, where Milena is studying at the moment.

The program includes a visit to the first urban installation by Milena Strelkova and Mikhail Pershko called "Imago". The public art will be realised in an inactive fountain as part of the "Subcultural Landscape" project. 

We will also make a visit to a  Vadim Maltsev's bureau, featuring Milena's alien sculptural objects from the "New Nature" series.

Places are strictly limited, e-mail us for details studio@artdesignhuman.com