Artist talk "Planet B: Art and Nature"

2 February 2022 Art Design Human Studio

Moderator: Natalia Glyankina - Art consultant, Art mentor, Ex-operating director of Phillips Auction House, Moscow.

Artists: Fedora Akimova, Yan Tikhonenko, Ustina Yakovleva - artists of Art Design Human Studio.

The participating artists work with the theme of human and natural in their unique ways, using a variety of expressive means - from complex installations to pictorial abstraction and miniature graphics. Panelists will delve into the history of the relationship between art and nature and discuss how artists are now rethinking their place in the world around them.

The number of seats is limited - please confirm your attendance.

Address: Stolyarny lane, 3, bldg. 13
8 985 745 57 22