Artist tour by Lana Locke for her solo exhibition "What Grows in the Hollows". 30 March 2024, 12:00 pm

London, West Brompton

Artist tour by Lana Locke will be held at the Chapel on Saturday. Meet Lana to get an in depth view on the installation and inspiration insights.

Over the long Easter weekend, Locke will transform the Chapel in Brompton Cemetery into a sculpture garden of flowers and plants. A stunning Grade II listed building, Lana approaches the Chapel as a monumental tomb in itself, but one, like the cemetery, that continues to be enlivened.

Echoing the statues and wild plants of the cemetery, her sculptures will shoot up amidst the pillars towards its great height, to invoke both gravity and lightness within this hallowed space. Exploring a range of materials from bronze and aluminium to wax and ceramics, she seeks to preserve the mortality of the plant through sculptural transformation, whilst acknowledging the loss of the original in the process.

Locke is interested in exploring the vulnerability of human and non-human life, and our collective entanglement with the wider ecology. Her sculptures crystallise the fleeting lives of flowers and other plants, as a metaphor for our own mortality, and our wider environmental responsibility.

Address and time:

Easter Saturday, 30 March 2024, 12:00 pm

The Chapel, Brompton Cemetery

Fulham Road, SW10 4UG