Artist's studio visit Ustina Yakovleva

03 August 2022 Moscow

We invite you to an artist studio visit with ADH. Artist Ustina Yakovleva will open doors of her studio for us on Wednesday, August 3, 19:00

For the past four months Ustina has been traveling to different cities and countries, from Georgia and Turkey to Germany and Italy. After the big trip the artist returned to Moscow. Currently, Ustina is working on a new series of paintings dedicated to the theme of "Love". Oval and circular canvases are painstakingly filled in by the artist in her unique automatic technique of repeatedly reproducing the word "love." Love for home, family and friends - this feeling symbolises the artist's reverent personal perception of reality and allows her creative path to develop.  

The visit will take place at the residence of the Sphere Fund for Support of Contemporary Art 

Malaya Gruzinskaya ul. 54. Moscow.

* Please, be sure to bring your ID to pass the checkpoint.

The number of visitors is limited.

DM us to RSVP or send us email on studio@artdesignhuman.com