Film screening "Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet"

November 12, 2019 Cafe Bla_nc

What is Time? Why and where from does it flow? Is there past and future at all or is there only present? Constantly feeling the fateful effect of time on ourselves, we keep track of it but have not given a clear answer to the questions asked ...

The world-famous film “Ten Minutes Older” (2002) is an attempt by modern producers to convey their unique understanding of time in exactly ten minutes of screen time. The idea of ​​experimental cinema is connected with documentary filmmaker Hertz Frank, who shot a 10-minute short film. According to the plot, a child experiences deep emotions and literally "grows up in front of our eyes" in a short period of time but intense in context of life.  

The film consists of 2 parts — “Ten Minutes Older: Trumpet” (2002) and “10 Minutes Older: Cello” (2002). There are no rules and restrictions, except one — to make it within 10 minutes. This could be viewed as a film encyclopedia of the key stylistic techniques of modern cinema from Wim Wenders to Aki Kaurismäki.