Group exhibition 'Transience of Fate’

03 May – 05 May 2024 In collaboration with Feelium Gallery & Studios

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Transience is the state or fact of lasting only for a short time. Fate is the development of events outside a person's control to be destined to happen or act in a particular way. 

The exhibition delves into the dichotomy of concepts of transience and fate as fundamental aspects of human existence. Although fate suggests predetermined unfolding of eventsit is determined by fleeting connections and impermanence. Artists within the exhibition examine the convergence of destinies in their creations. Certain encounters are fast and momentous while others forge long-term bonds. By fostering connections, we enrich our experience of existence and truly inhabit the state of "being”.  

The fleeting encounters stand for the temporality of existence, where moments arise and dissolve within the vast expanse of time. These ephemeral experiences serve as reminders of the finitude of human life and the inevitability of our ultimate destiny. However, amidst the transience, the artworks also portray the possibility of authentic existence through the cultivation of meaningful connections and art making. 

Nikolay Morgunov is exploring the trajectories of existence and intertwines of different elements. Aileen Kelly's drawings are engulfed in a structured disorder, where elements are sporadically arranged into systems or seek their place within the composition. Reviving images of traumatic encounters, imprinted in paper, displaying fragmented lines and erased identities. Alena Mukhina's artworks depict the enduring connections and deep bonds of fulfilment. 

Nikolay Morgunov’s works are minimalist in style that contains predefined grids and spontaneous chaotic graphic sublayers. “Each period has many different factors that distinguish it from others: sounds, colours, energy, information ... but I tried to make such objects a trajectory. This trajectory is the trial left by human activity. We can see an intertwining of such trajectories.” There is a contrast between strict, straight lines, which cannot be found in nature, and the occasional natural brushstroke of coal that tries to adapt to the existing rough structure. A transparent resin that mimics the surface of water, from which incident rays are reflected and refracted in this denser environment, thereby blurring the boundaries of the flat canvas perception. Thus, a dichotomy of the real environment arises, divided into the dynamics of life, exuding freshness and life, and abandoned, dry, reminiscent of dust. “Sounds, colors, energy, information ... What trajectory are we on now?”

Aileen Kelly' severy work exists in a state of transience, constantly in flux between becoming and unbecoming. Stripped down to reveal its inner essence and essential nature, her art is exposed, raw, and vulnerable, yet imbued with strength and offering support. She communicates through subtle suggestions, where nothing is concrete, but every gesture is deliberate. Kelly delves into the private lives of others, transforming fragments of their existence into acts of memorialisation.

Alena Mukhina is an artist specializing in highly- textured ceramic sculptures.
Her objects combine biomorphic forms with complex multi-layered surfaces. Praising the material of ceramics she uses non-traditional techniques to avoid texture overlap and stay with deep natural colours of clay itself. She is interested in themes of human self-identification, migration, all about the problem of human transformation, studying it as a complex multidimensional phenomenon.