Faces of Time

8 August - 13 August, 2019 R-Broker Workshop, Moscow

Curated by  Anzhela Popova

“The growing thoughtlessness must spring from some process that gnaws at the very marrow of man today: man today is in flight from thinking. Yet anyone can follow the path of meditative thinking in his own manner and within his own limits. Why? Because man is a thinking, that is, a meditating being. Thus meditative thinking needs by no means be “high flown”. It is enough if we dwell on what lies close and meditate on what is closest and upon that which concerns us, each one of us, here and now: here, on this patch of home ground and now, in the present of our history.” Martin Heidegger “Discourse on thinking” (1955)

Time determines the course of all events in the world. At the same time, it is unthinkable to imagine a reverse situation — world processes are not capable of taking control over time or influence it in any way, no matter how complex they may be. For millennia humanity has been trying to formulate and comprehend the concept of time as a philosophical category and as a unit of measurement in physics. Time is around and within us, in the past and in future — but we still cannot find the right words and forms to describe and explain time.

Artists talk about time as the main fundamental category and try to explain and express it through an artistic approach. Time is usually associated with the presence or absence of something. What is the engine of time? How to determine its boundaries? Is time real or nominal? Present, past and future merge into a polyphony of voices.

In the modern life time and place are the basic coordinates and determining factors of human experience. Each place contains the spirit of time.  A place transforms into an exhibition space. The exhibition creates an opportunity for the discussion on time at a certain moment here and now.

Helmut Breineder
Natalia Grezina
Ivan Belyaev
Alena Muhina

Collaboration with We see items Project «the rooms» 1.0